Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets

This is truely top class movie and I really love it. It is my favorite drama movie because parts felt very similar to my life experience. Dark Secrets literally has everything. A movie you can watch online with your friends or random group of people, and everyone will enjoy it. I especially love in Dark Secrets the soundtrack, it is one of the greatest movies soundtracks ever. There is not a single thing wrong with that movie. It sets the 10/10 standard for every other movies in existence for me. This movie online seriously is incredible. My favorite movie of this director, and that's saying something! ...Really, I want to watch this great movie online again. It was absolutely the best! I uploaded it here, you can watch this movie online for free now I invite you all to watch this great movie here on 123freemovies.se.

Genre: Drama

Actors: Justin Carroll, Chanda, Tom Crowl

Directors: John T. Bone

Country: United States

Quality: HD

Release: 1997

IMDb: 6,5

Duration: 91 min

Views: 56